The Hypocracy of the Political World

Hello my friends and welcome back to me bitching about things I will likely never be able to change. Today we will be discussing how freaking hypocritical politics can be, because it is really beginning to drive me crazy.

This whole post is precipitated by an interesting conversation I observed in a GroupMe I'm in for an international relations class. One guy was getting quite heated because, to quote "Our country is going to shit because we keep letting people in, we need to take our country back!" This same guy also perpetuated racist conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19, amongst other things. He had said things in the past about how immigrants were taking American citizen's jobs away. Yet this same guy, who insists that corporations who outsource work to other countries are evil, drives a Toyota truck. He bragged about his truck all the time--talking about all of the modifications he had put in it, how loud and fast it was. Needless to say, it was annoying. But the most annoying part of it all was the hypocracy. Here is a man who insists that America and Americans must always come first, that Asian countries are a scourge upon our nation; yet he decided to drive a Toyota, which is most certainly not an American car. Now, I might be pulling too much from this, sure. For all I know it was a gift from someone who wasn't looking to make a political statement, or maybe that was what he could afford. I cannot judge someone for that. But the point I am trying to make here is that many of the political arguments people make nowadays are fundamentally flawed. One cannot claim to only support American businesses if they drive a Japanese car. One cannot claim to not be racist because they have a BIPOC friend. One cannot claim to be tolerant of someone else's political views if they disparage them behind their backs. Our current political world is built on a growing mountain of half-truths and hypocritical statements, yet no one is really talking about it.

In my opinion, humans are inherently hypocrites. I think it is part of our nature. Society is so paradoxical that it is impossible for us to be anything else. Yet so many people think themselves beyond this nature, and its astounding. True change, progress, and bipartisanship will never happen if people and politicians continue to deny the inherent contradictions within our beliefs, political system, government, and nation as a whole. The two sides of the political spectrum have at least one thing in common that will never change--they simply want to do what is best for our nation. And so far, what we've been doing has been working--but we as a nation have begun to see cracks in the system that we have worked so hard to maintain. Congress is deadlocked, the Capitol was attacked for the first time in over 2 centuries, and the political landscape becomes more polarized by the day. Over the past 5 years, the unnecessary hypocracy of the political elite has been growing. It is up to us, as citizens, and as people, to hold each and every one of them accountable for every word spoken, every statement of fact recounted. Because if we don't, they will be able to get away with anything.

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